Serving south central Michigan since 1987, Fosters Wildlife Control
service is a family operated business providing 40 years of
nuisance animal removal, relocation and repair. Fosters Wildlife
Control Services specializes in the trapping, removal, and exclusion
of all nuisance wildlife.
As our communities grow and animals continue to acclimate to
living among us, more conflicts are inevitable, often within our
suburban and urban neighborhoods. We are, and will continue to be
prepared for this growing problem through continued education
(both classroom and field training) in order to apply the best
methods possible in the control of nuisance wildlife problems.

We are insured and licensed by the Michigan D.N.R. RC-159
Serving Jackson, Calhoun, and Hillsdale Michigan since 1987
Foster's Wildlife Control Services
Professional Wildlife Removal - Bat Exclusion - Attic Restoration - Predator  Control
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